The information on this website covers the following:

- Outcomes of Successfully Finished Projects, Workshops, Congresses, etc., for the Federation:

Details on the results and impacts of projects, workshops, congresses, and other initiatives that have been successfully completed by the Federation.

- Current Projects, Workshops, Congresses, and Responsible Parties:

Information about ongoing projects, workshops, congresses, and their respective responsible individuals within the Federation. Stay updated on the latest developments.

- News on Young Soil Scientists in Federation Countries:

Updates and news regarding the achievements and contributions of young soil scientists in countries affiliated with the Federation.

- Participation in Federation Countries' Activities and Public Debates on Soil Matters:

Guidance on how you can actively engage in the numerous activities organized by the Federation countries and make your voice heard in public debates related to soil matters.

In summary, this website serves as a comprehensive resource for information on soil science and various activities taking place in the Federation countries. It aims to keep you informed about completed and ongoing initiatives, highlight the accomplishments of young soil scientists, and provide avenues for your participation in crucial discussions on soil-related issues.

Prof.Dr.Ridvan Kizilkaya

Secretary General

Federation of Eurasian Soil Science Societies (FESSS)