About the FESSS


The Federation is dedicated to the widespread dissemination of theoretical and practical advancements in soil science across its member countries, with a primary focus on environmental protection.

To achieve this goal, the Federation:

  1.  Facilitates Exchange of Knowledge and Information:

    • Organizes scientific conferences, symposiums, and workshops to foster the exchange of ideas and information among soil scientists from member countries.
  2. Publication of Papers and Journals:

    • Publishes papers and journals aligned with the objectives of the Federation, contributing to the dissemination of valuable research and findings in the field of soil science.
  3. Organizes Training Seminars:

    • Conducts training seminars to enhance the interest and awareness of the society regarding soil science, promoting education and understanding in the community.
  4. Encourages Scientific Mobility:

    • Actively encourages mobility among scientific soil science personnel, facilitating collaborative efforts and knowledge transfer among member countries.
  5. Maintains a Non-Political Stance:

    • Maintains a steadfast commitment to non-political engagement, focusing solely on the scientific aspects of soil science without involvement in political matters.

In essence, the Federation strives to create a collaborative environment that transcends borders, fostering the sharing of scientific knowledge, promoting environmental protection, and contributing to the advancement of soil science across its member countries.